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Below are recordings of solo piano as well as hired jazz bands made at weddings and other events.

Recordings may not always be of great audio quality, often just recorded using a smartphone. But they are clear enough to demonstrate the standard of musicianship that you can expect at your wedding.

The collection of recordings have been hosted over a number of different sites, such as Myspace, Youtube, internal hosting and numerous sound cloud accounts, but now, all the recordings are to be hosted on this Youtube account, as there is currently no upload limit.

Jazz Piano and Double Bass duo with Hi Hat

I am playing here at the Four Sisters Townhouse in the City of London (just off Cheapside) in a duo with a fantastic double bass player who also keeps the rhythm with a hi-hat - three musicians for the price of two!.

We are playing jazz and latin standards.

I am currently putting on different quality jazz duos at this venue every Thurday.

Solo jazz and latin piano repertoire 2017
Solo jazz piano repertoire performed at Brasserie Zedel and Gilbert Scott between 1st September and 31st December 2016. Most of the roughly 120 jazz and latin standards that I could play at the...
13th of June 2017

Sax-piano rehearsal for reggae themed wedding
I was asked to put on a reggae/ska band featuring some of the best jazz musicians in London with a massive understanding and experience of the reggae genre. These are recordings of the rehearsa...
4th of May 2016

Complete Solo Jazz Piano Repertoire 2014
This is the first batch of around 50 tunes from my repertoire, recorded at various solo piano gigs at Shezan Restaurant in Knightsbridge, during September 2014. I plan to add more tunes to this pla...
24th of September 2014

Requests - Violin Piano Duo
I have recently been asked for three tunes to be played by violin/piano duo for a wedding ceremony that is due to happen in a few weeks. The three tunes are Breathless, A Thousand Years, and My Hea...
21st of July 2014

Jazz Piano Trio for Hire
Jazz pianist accompanied by double bass and drums in a trio. These iphone 4 recordings were made at an event in High Street Kensington. ...
30th of April 2014

Piano led Double Bass Duo at Private Event
Jazz piano and double bass duo hired to play at Monkey Island near the village of Bray-on-Thames in Berkshire. The event was a family gathering that took place after a funeral. It was a beautiful v...
20th of October 2013

Jazz Piano Double Bass Duo Play Standards
Top jazz double bass player Henry Button features in this live restaurant recording of a piano-led double bass duo playing jazz standards. We are available to hire for your venue as a residency or ...
5th of October 2013

Private party in Regents Park
This was a special gig. They called me up on Monday morning and asked if I was free to do a gig that evening. It wasnt a wedding - a private party in a residential house in the Regents Park area of Lo...
6th of August 2013

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