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Private party in Regents Park

This was a special gig. They called me up on Monday morning and asked if I was free to do a gig that evening. It wasnt a wedding - a private party in a residential house in the Regents Park area of London.

They said that they had a piano and that it should be OK.

It was a brand new 6 foot Steinway grand! The pedals were still wrapped in plastic fresh out of the factory.

It was a really great experience playing a piano like this ! Proud to have been the first person to play this musical instrument. Actually, I heard a few notes going very slightly out of tune as I was playing it - because the strings were brand new, they stretch at this point. The people who's house it was didn't seem to know anything about music - it was just an expensive piece of furniture. (I would love to have one of these to practice on.)

6th of August 2013