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Bands-Solo Piano

Bands-Solo Piano

Alex performs regularly with some of the very best musicians in London's jazz community. He was responsible for putting on jazz duos at Shezan Restaurant in Knightsbridge, twice a week for over three years. He also regularly books world class jazz musicians at both private and public events.

Wedding event at Belvedere Restaurant, Holland Park, London


Solo Piano Pianists who work in hotels and restaurants, and do weddings and cruises, are usually cocktail pianist entertainers. Alex is different, however - he plays as a jazz pianist. This means, for example, high levels of accuracy and dynamism. Songs are played with a certain structure - playing the head (melody) of a song once through (eg. My Favorite Things), then improvising over the chord changes a few times round before repeating the head.
Although a cocktail pianist is the traditional choice, from experience, most people prefer the excitement and flair of a decent jazz musician.

Alex can play maximum four hours solo piano with hourly 15 minute breaks, without repeating a tune.

Solo piano is subtle and discreet enough for quiet moments where a band would be inappropriate, but also it can fill a room at more rowdy and energetic moments.

Alex plays some more modern, popular songs as well, and can play the ususal: Happy Birthday, Here Comes the Bride and Wedding March in both straight and jazzed-up styles. Requests can be considered, although there is sometimes a charge for this, depending on what song is requested.

If there is no piano at the venue, a piano can be hired, or Alex can bring his keyboard / amp. See the rates page for more information on this.

Wedding dinner at Dulwich College, London

Updated: 5th of March 2017