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Jazz standards recorded in 2011

I have just uploaded 10 (out of about 30) demo recordings that I did in 2011.

I do want to record all 150-odd that I can play now (2013) because I play them much better now than I did then, but needed to first of all work out an efficient way of doing it using Youtube playlists, and also get something up there now for this new site.

All my old demos used to be hosted on this website's webspace here:

...but I only get 500mb and that quickly runs out.

On you can upload limitless recordings, with just a flat image for the video - and it is convenient to do it as playlists. Soundcloud would be better but they only give you about 200mb, and so I've already got about five accounts filled up!

These recordings aren't bad but I can play much better than this now - timing is the thing that has improved the most - watch this space for uploads from 2013!

26th of July 2013