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More work done on the websites

This site has been upgraded and now features a mobile phone version:

It is basic but it is all I can be bothered to do for now because I have a lot of practising to do.

I also have to make time to redesign and make mobile phone versions of the Jazz for Hire and Pianist for Hire websites.

Recent gigs include playing at a funeral event on a beautiful island in the Thames in Berkshire - check the footage and audio recordings on this site.

I played at a wedding at Hampton Court House recently, for a lovely couple - they requested that I play the tune Wicked Flee. Also, had the great jazz violin player back at the restaurant as well as the fantastic jazz singer - follow the links to hear the recordings on this website. But please listen to these fabulous recordings of the tenor sax player who comes to my restaurant regularly - he's been getting me to play these very interesting jazz compositions with him.

Plenty of engagement parties and christmas bookings to look forward to in the next month or so !

6th of November 2013