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Not just weddings - bridal showers and baby shower

It is not just weddings that I perform at. Obviously, weddings and corporate events are the most well paid, however the most musically educational, challenging and technical are the low or no-paid gigs I do with some of the very best musicians in London such as late night jazz jam sessions, pub and restaurant gigs where I have had the opportunity to develop skills and learn from the best.

However, using the wisdom and experience that I have got from these events to make someone's wedding amazing brings a huge amount of satisfaction. But it is not just weddings. There have been a lot of family related events I have performed at. Recently I was hired to perform on a boat in the Docklands area of London to a group of fantastic ladies for a "bridal shower" and now the same friends have asked me to come and play at a "baby shower" and I am really looking forward to meeting them all again; I hope that I can show them that my piano playing has progressed since the last time they booked me.

7th of May 2017