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Recession Blues - lost residency

Well, because of lack of revenue my briefish (6 months) residency at the Atrium bar at Imperial Hotel Russell Square, London is at an end.

There is a great pianist called Ralph Lewars who plays there with a double bass player on Saturday evenings, but I will never take that gig from him as I am busy at Shezan in Knightsbridge with either a double bass player of my own, or a top jazz singer !

In the email, my boss gave me some really nice compliments:

...I am genuinely sorry.. .but I regret to inform you.. ...cut our piano evenings down from 3 nights to just the one... ..due to revenue at the bar not being great..

It has been great to have you play for us and we have had many great comments from guests in the Atrium Bar.....Kind regards, Imperial Hotel

Pianists are, at the end of the day, a really expensive luxury, and fair play to any manager that takes it on. I really enjoyed working with the staff and was very grateful for the gigs. But there were not enough people spending enough money during the times I was there. (It takes many years and all the right judgement to make something like this last - and there are plenty, good examples of this in London.)

But right now, I would like to be out playing every hour that anyone wants me and I charge as much as I can get away with, however low(ish) that is !

5th of September 2013