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Special private gig

Yesterday morning -Monday, someone found my webside, called me up and asked if I was available that evening. I was.

It was a private party for friends at an exclusive London property.

The piano they had there for me to play was a Steinway 6ft grand piano. It was also brand new ! Fresh out of the factory. The felts on the hammers had been pricked but not worn at all, and the pedals were still wrapped in cellophane, fresh out of the factory. I would have been the first person to play this incredible musical instrument after the piano tuner. In fact I heard some of the notes go slightly out of tune as I was playing it, because new strings stretch.

The depth - the dynamic potential - the ease of expression - the utter depth !

I wish I had one of these... right now I am practising on a digital piano - Yamaha p-95, but saving up for a real acoustic upright Yamaha U1. But it was unbelievable, humiliating and sobering experience playing this piano. Awesome !

I took some photos and recorded some audio with my smartphone (Galaxy sII). The first recording was made with the phone stuffed down a sofa and is quieter and better. The second recording, phone was on a windowsill and is a bit too loud, booming and distorted.

The tunes recorded are House of Jade by Wayne Shorter and a couple of other standards snippets. Second is Blue in Green by Miles Davis and a bit of Heaven my Duke Ellington.

6th of August 2013