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Update from Shezan Restaurant Jazz Residency

There have been live jazz duos every Friday and Saturday at Shezan Restaurant in Knightsbridge for around a year and a half now, and it is going very well.

Tonight I hired a new jazz vocalist, Rosanna, from Puglia in Italy.

She was absolutely fantastic and we're definitely going to ask her back.

Next time we play together there, I will record some of it and post it on the audio page of this website.

You can see me playing at Shezan with either singer or double bass every Friday or Saturday.

I often meet couples there who are planning live jazz for their weddings.

Many people go on holiday in August and the restaurant will be quiet. So, unfortunately there will only be solo piano there for the next few weeks.

Originally we had pianist with either a singer or saxophone, but the sax is a bit too loud for the small venue, so we have double bass every other gig now. I do miss playing with the massively talented Edward though.

3rd of August 2013