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Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding party at Tapestry, Mortlake

Couples often choose to have songs that are special to them played at certain points at their ceremony. Here's how it works in practice:

As the first and last requested songs will only be played for a couple of seconds, he can learn a memorable verse or motif of something, like Claire de Lune or the theme from Amelie.

For the song in the middle, there is enough time for maybe two tunes to be learned. Alex can play a long classical piece, but this would take some time and would cost a bit more, or find a tune from his repertoire, or request a pop song that is important to the bride and groom.

If you prefer, Alex can play what he thinks would be the most appropriate from his repertoire, especially if you like quality jazz piano. He can also play straight or jazzy versions of Here comes the bride and the Wedding March.

As people enter the room and take to their seats, it is often a nice opportunity for some quiet piano in the background.

Past experiences
Alex has played at many wedding ceremonies, at many top venues. One memorable occasion: the groom hired him, and as a surprise to his fiancee and all the guests, sang a song himself, with piano accompaniment, having rehearsed the song with Alex beforehand. Everyone was in tears.

Updated: 5th of March 2017